silence is a space

new size

the simple easy days of summer loving
slip through
gentle fingers,
as the sweetness of being becomes
a habit
like when
we were tiny people
letting go of the grip of doing and all that
strive jive dance
that twists faces into knots
and collapses days
into a fury
i find myself drawn to solitude
a little inhale of sweet silence
and an exhale
to the setting sun.
i used to be scared of alone time
silence equalled unhappy people not talking
but old tribe’s rituals can be outgrown
if they aren’t yours to begin with
is a

a pause
between a
sweet word
the inhale the exhale
any thing
every thing
possible plausible.
i can be alone for hours,
basking in the light of a little space of being
a time to commune with myself,
ask gentle questions
and wait for sweet answers from
sweet friends in the 5D world
who get the chance to speak
and be heard.
silence is the sister
of solitude.
practice not speaking for a few hours, a day, a couple
it gives a simple pause to self-observe, to centre and cultivate
new perspectives and re-gather lost parts of us all.
there’s a song i like to play that pulls me finally out of
silence – i light a candle – thank
all for
don’t be scared to listen to your soul dance and flicker
in the

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