day break

here we are in Southern Spain
up high above the sea in the land
of four-legged friends, fields of olive, cork and sweet
scent of oranges and lemons hanging
heavy with their juice to share

no one in sight, no telephone poles, masts
the only way to communicate
softly gently quietly through our hearts

our friends come to see what adventure
we have in store for them today


their excitement catches us all
and whips us into
childhood adventures of
swallows and amazons
ponies and picnics
our first romantic deep loves that
could never break
our sweet small open hearts

faisan saddle

all saddled up
water, sunscreen packed in saddle bags
and bikinis for the
cool spring waters and
at the old mill
we climb high and dive deep
to wash the urban city sprawl and tension out of hair and heart
and let our hearts be opened once again
to the magic of simple things


life is simple and sweet here
mother nature
gives all of herself
relentlessly effortlessly
she just does her thing regardless of
who is watching, needing her
like we mothers do to our young

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