At the Ishy we motivate students to find their edge mentally and physically and move through with grace and ease to the final segment of the class – The Fix – a deeply cathartic relaxation where you are held high in a vortex of energy – the channel.

Practices end with a nourishing organic tonic made in the Ishy kitchen. You will leave feeling you’ve accomplished something meaningful, connected back to your passion, balanced, relaxed and moving in the world from a high trajectory. At the same time, the children’s charity War Child benefits from your attendance with a donation for your mat charge going directly to the charity.

Note on the heat: The sun’s solar infrared heat has been used for thousands of years as a tool for transformation and release – to help rid the body of negative stress which create acidic wastes in the body. The body is good at clearing these toxics out through the kidneys, the lymph, the skin etc but becomes more sluggish the colder the climate, the older we get and the more stress we live with.


“Your daily life is your temple and your religion.  Whenever you enter into it take with you your all.” – Kahil Gibran





The BEAUTY class is hot and challenging that asks you to be 100% present to yourself – creating beauty from inside out and outside in. It’s a practice of pure alchemy that tests and challenges those who are drawn to it in the same way a spring mechanism releases a powerful energy. A person manifesting the energy of Beauty is provocative, dynamic and sexy to be around, resonating at a frequency that directs the power of love right into the heart of a low frequency to boost it higher. To live in Beauty is to create harmony out of dis-harmony, light where there is darkness. When you are in the energy of Beauty, your actions naturally serve others and in turn the more refined and higher your light and power becomes.

The class is taught with far infrared heat to flush out toxins and creates rosy cheeks – transforming on every level – your breath is flowing, your heart is pumping, your mind is focused and change is happening.


The GRACE class is the art of softness in action, allowing you to relax more profoundly into your own being. Grace sees softness at the heart of all things. The art of gentleness is a dying art. We do not realise that the more softly we lay our hand on something, the more it unfolds to us and the more deeply we can access it. Our minds tell us that the opposite is true, but such gentleness opens hearts and knows no weakness. Grace is the realisation that everything is linked through gentleness.

With Grace comes a deep acceptance that whatever we are feeling at any one time has the power to move us out of the lower frequency of drama, story and victim consciousness, into experiencing a deeper acceptance of ourselves and life itself. Acceptance comes in layers – we have to learn to relax and lean into these layers deep inside, so that we can feel the flow of love – the more we can accept ourselves and others, the more love will bloom and blossom in all areas of our lives. When you carry the energetic of Grace you connect to the gentleness of the Divine Feminine. To be in the presence of someone carrying the vibration of Grace, is to feel their incredible softness heighten your own vibration.


The LOVE class alchemically loves up every muscle in your body including your beautiful heart – a practice you return to again and again, that builds universal love, sensual love, devotional love, intoxicating love, compassionate love and ecstatic love – because “love is all you need”.

One of the greatest and most powerful of all human gifts is the gift of acceptance and love of self – “aham prema”. Acceptance is the gift of seeing deeply into the murky shadows and finding the pearl that lies deeply hidden there. In order to accept something about ourselves and especially something uncomfortable, we must first see it, recognise it and accept it. This self-acceptance happens when we build the confidence and courage to look into our own shadow and embrace what we find there.

“i love myself.  the quietest.  simplest.  most powerful revolution.  ever.” – Nayyirah Waheed

So let’s start a revolution………


The LIGHT class lifts you into a euphoric state of happiness, whilst burning through attachments and false desires. Light connects you to your solar plexus (the fire in the belly) and creates right mind – right heart – right action. It is the ultimate Cosmic Passion – like being burned by the fires of bliss again and again – feeling so much juice for life and gratitude, alight with devotional energy for the play of life moving through us that side-steps the logical mind – to literally lose oneself in an exquisite trance of transformation and be-longing – literally to be our longing.   To be filled with Light is to have met and made friends with the Shadow selves – the parts we like to push off from, hide, suppress – the parts of us that like to blame, attach, judge, criticise, are jealous, envious, angry, egoic.  To sit with these parts and embrace them shatters the external mirrors of illusion and we learn to live in a greater truth.

At the Ishy we motivate students to find their edge mentally and physically and move through with grace and ease – balances and inversions that you thought were impossible just happen as you learn to embrace change and go beyond who you thought you were – the result is a stronger body, a strengthened heart, mental clarity, and a lightness of being.

Class ends with deeply pacifying relaxation and contemplation to bring in more light. We share a fresh alkalising organic almond milk or juice and you leave feeling you’ve accomplished something meaningful, balanced, relaxed and connected to the light.