To Book A Class

The place to ‘workout’ and ‘work-in’. The beauty of the practice is that it strengthens, tones and unfolds your body and your spirit. Your mind becomes your friend; your heart fills with self-love; you enjoy and appreciate your body more and there is a deepening willingness to let go of the grip to control. The Shala is equipped with a rope wall, head balance chairs, a magic carpet aka a bio-mat and great music tracks.

Our classes are small and intimate 8-10 clients because we love quality. We tithe a portion of each sale to the children’s charity: War Child. At times, there’s a wait list but it moves a lot so don’t be sad or angry.  If you find it impossible to get into a class please email us directly because alchemy happens.  And if you need to cancel your class please do so 24 hrs in advance to avoid being charged and someone else missing the chance to come.

To book please see the schedule below,  select the week (via the calendar icon). Click on the practice name for its description, then click on the ‘Sign-up button or ‘Register’.