Here at the Ishy Shala we take our nourishment off the mat and into the Ishy kitchen upstairs from where we make and serve up regular delights of great tasting, good looking food that feeds the cells and delights the senses. We prepare a fresh juice or smoothie everyday after class that’s nourishing and supports the body and the practice you have just done because we truly believe we are what we eat.

And now we are so very proud to launch:

The Ishy Kitchen Cookery School

 The Ishy kitchen is the perfect place to learn, practice and have fun whilst making friends in a kitchen and communal dining area that looks onto an abundant green chlorophyll-rich communal garden in the heart of Notting Hill.

At the Ishy Kitchen you will learn how to create healthy, nutritious, good for you foods that are quick, easy, appetising and extremely nutritious.  The school is hosted and taught by our gourmet chef Andrea Zagatti, who also prepares all of our meals on our trips abroad and Jane Kersel. Andrea will guide and teach you the basics whilst at the same time bringing his vast experience and expertise as a gourmet chef “to the table” because our food needs to be colourful, vibrant and made with love whilst Jane gives the low-down on why it’s good to do/the benefits etc.

Each masterclass gives you the knowledge, the practice and of course the confidence. The dates and themes for each masterclass are as follows – recipes and methodologies will be emailed directly to you so that you start to build your own file of nutritious healing and health-evoking foods to share with your family and friends.

We will be running monthly classes from 9.15am-11.15am – each class costs £98 inc VAT and recipes, methodologies, a nutritious juice and a sharing of the food that is made that day together:

December 1st – Masterclass 1:  How to give your digestive system a holiday from the stress of eating wheat, gluten and dairy – Paleo Bread, Vegan Sushi, ‘raw’ Crackers and a Sunshine immunity building juice

January 12th – Masterclass 2: Build, Cleanse with cleverness not purging! Probiotics and collagen building Bone Broths – how to grow your own Sprouts and make your own Kefir and Kombuchas

February 9th – Masterclass 3: ‘magical’ mushrooms – Smoked Coconut Shiitake Soup – the benefits of miso.  How to make a ‘healthy’ dessert or breakfast with Gluten/wheat Free Brioche and Carob Hazelnut Spread (beat that nutella 😉

TO BOOK A CLASS: Please click on the tab  HERE – Once on Ishy ‘book a class’ page click on the calendar icon until you see the date of the masterclass you wish to book onto and then wait for the page to load and click on the “Sign up” lozenge – you will then be redirected to the mindbodyonline website and asked to register or sign-in and then enrol for the class.  Happy cooking!