Tantrika Candle – Dawn Puja – calling in the new

Price: £40.00

A candle's light is the closest understanding we have to to the world of energy - we light a candle and immediately there's the potential to reconnect to world of the senses and the mystic within.


I've used candles and crystal energy all my life and in designing the collection I wanted you to feel the beauty of something special unravelling  in the palms of your hands, a new energy releasing: from the layers of unwrapping; the crystals; the words; the intention card, the meditation and quotes that spiral around, the unfolding stimulates the subconscious and takes you deeply into the world of symbolism and mysticism where all the alchemy happens.

Dawn Puja brings new beginnings: turning the page;  starting afresh; dropping the stuff that doesn't fit/doesn't work; connecting you to a new space deep inside that's aligned with the energy of your soul.  This is an oriental, woody fragrance imbued with top notes of uplifting bergamot, cardamon and rose with calming vetiver and amber, complimented by the vibration of crystal amethyst for some juicy mother earth love and soulful inspiration.

With the sale of each candle, I donate 10% to the charity War Child (www.warchild.org.uk), bringing the light of awareness and pragmatic help to war-torn children across the globe.  One tiny step at a time, we are taking an active part in healing our divided world by taking time to pause, turn inwards and begin to notice and heal the wars and conflicts within ourselves.

  • Each candle comes with a small USB stick with a daily meditation practice to continue until the candle's life is over by which point you will have a meditation practice as a routine
  • Large 350gm hand-made glass candle
  • Burn time of approximately 80hrs
  • 100% vegetable-based wax + pure cotton bio-degradable wick
  • Designed in the UK
  • Wax and pouring by Cire Trudon
  • The perfume of each candle uses natural essential oils developed by Jane + her Parisian Perfumier
  • A Limited edition candle collection that evolves with the energetics of the time and season


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