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The Big Pause is THE ultimate bespoke programme – a profound integrated philosophy, combining the tangible physical, physiological, emotional and mental worlds with the more esoteric dimension of feeling, heart, energy, spirit and soul. It has been developed and honed over some 30 years by it’s founder Jane Kersel and her team of world-leading experts to create a profound cadence of energy, healing, personal mentorship and teaching that is second to none.

We are living in turbulent speedy aggressive times – it’s a challenge to stay soft in a hard world – and too often we find ourselves profoundly challenged, stressed and tired – as a result we block, deny, suppress our true feelings, desires and needs. The world is only going to get more “mental” and more stressful with more relentless media and digital overload.  How can we honour our path in life? How can we let go of the stuff that no longer serves us and create a space for the new to come? How can we do less and be more? Be soft on the outside and strong on the inside?

Things get stuck in us, patterns develop, energy blocks, dis-ease sets in, our fast-foods, fast-relationships, fast-fixes skim the surface of life, yet we are so often left feeling empty and disconnected.

The programme has helped so many people from so many different walks of life, from people:

  • wishing to learn more about themselves, to feel happier on a daily basis and develop effective life tools
  • wanting to have deeper, richer and more heart-felt relationships
  • wanting to honour and integrate blockages in their hearts and move deeper into heart and intuitive energy
  • involved in corporate worlds seeking to develop their creative skills and follow their passions but so overly identified with their big city careers it was impossible to make the shift alone
  • wanting to consistently move out of anxiety and stress and into happiness and expansion at whatever age
  • going through or still holding onto painful divorces who have lost their faith and trust in themselves and those around them
  • who were addicted to extreme detox/juice fasts and found a better way via The Big Pause to support and heal
  • looking to reconnect, heal, find a new shape to their relationship
  • who are overstressed, anxious, on burn-out and need to find peace, space and time out
  • unsure of the next step in their lives and careers
  • wanting deep nurturing and rest from digital media and the outside world
  • wanting to find out more about who they truly are
  • wanting to learn about areas of life they had no idea existed but felt in their hearts they were missing out on
  • like you…..with a story…to heal, to reveal and wishing to re-write a new path ……what brings you here?