Calling in the muse


(client in her mid-50's.   Had not had a significant other for over 20 years.  Had sold her house and was moving to a new area by the sea.  She came to me wanting to access the parts of her that had been unexpressed and unloved for so long.  She had no children and had been a freespirit for much of her adult life - she was resolved to not having children but the potential + desire for a partner, someone to share her life was now becoming so loud she could no longer ignore it.  She recognised that she had fear around this - not being 'enough' on so many levels - pretty, experienced, outgoing, etc).

We did several sessions but the one that will stay with me for all my life and I am sure for her too was the day we connected to the Aphrodite energy.  In Shadow work, when someone has done enough work to know their expanded inner space, that space where they can feel, sense, know that there are many energies within them that they could access.  When they know they are a composite of these energies over being a 'fixed' state, then it is time to meet archetypal energies.

In particular I love working with women to help them access their divine feminine.  It's something that is entirely unique for each woman.  The divine feminine is an energy that can be drawn out by asking a woman to tune in a woman (dead or alive) that they believe carries that embodiment of a sensual, sexual, graceful feminine - that is sensual for her own delight, sexual for her own pleasure, graceful in her connection to the world of sensory experience.

I asked my client to really feel into what that woman might be like (to use all of her imagination to feel her deeply) and then to go the space she felt that energy was standing or sitting in the room.

As she walked over to that chosen space, I will never forget how her face changed, softened, surrendered - her mind dropping into her heart as she felt herself standing there taller, more gracious, calmer, more confident than she had ever been in her life before.

We talked for a while from this energy, she told me how she imagined life for my client would be, how queen-like her stature was, serene, calm, carrying high self-regard.  She mentioned a man coming forward for her who would be tender, kind, compassionate, gentle, someone she could share her many activities and hobbies with.

At that moment, the door to my studio opened as if a gust of wind had gotten behind it (this so often happens when working with spirit).

We both smiled, it was as if her lover had walked into the room there and then, his energy had arrived - things would never be the same again.

Later that month, my client returned back to her home, moved house and was sitting in a cafe one day working on her computer.  A man came over to her and smiled a warm open smile.  He said he was there with his group of friends and she had caught his eye and he wondered if she might care to join them for a coffee.

Some months later now and they are still seeing each other, taking holidays together, sharing their mutual hobbies and have found in each other a kindred spirit and a flame that continues to burn sweetly and passionately between them.


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