The organic healing power of nature starts to happen when we slow down and begin to listen to the body’s innate healing response (‘The Vis Medicatrix Naturae’). We have developed a swear-by team, that whether individually, or combined as a plan of action, help inspire alchemy.

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It can be challenging and confusing to navigate the energy world by oneself, which is why we can work with you to deisign a plan of action. Each individual Master we use has something to give, but there's a higher and unique cadence when they work collaboratively. We also bring a unique team together to our Journey Centre 'The Big Pause' in Cordoba, Spain.

Create Flow

We create flow out of stuckness in different ways: meditation works to loosen mental fixations + expand consciousness; acupuncture moves Qi; breath work frees old energy in our ribs; naturopathy uses diet, botanicals, homeopathy + biofeedback to shift stagnation; osteopathy works on the meridians + structural alignment; mindful movement creates deeper inner awareness and heart-centred living.