hypnogogic bliss

If we can start to see through a multidimensional awareness, we come to know that everything that appears real in the 3rd dimension (ie the pragmatic physical universe) turns out to be unreal, and what seems numinous + ‘unreal’ (ie Spirit + God) begins to shine through us with a luminous, authentic reality.  Jane co-creates with Spirit audio trips to transport you to your own personal wonderland + connect you to the healing theta channel. Go to shop for more intel

trust in the numinous

When we are connected to Soul energy we are on fire, plugged into the expression of Spirit moving through us. Our subconscious mind records all of our past, present, and future. Freed by space and time, our souls are infinite light: when we lose connection to Soul energy and Spirit, depression, anxiety, lack of vigour, and over-mentalised living results. Throughout many lifetimes, our souls are given the opportunity to master new lessons we have contracted with the Universal Organising Energy to learn. Unlimited by time, space, or logic, our soul wisdom contains all the experiences and memories gathered over multiple lifetimes

rest, relax and heal

The part of our mind connected to our egos cannot comprehend metaphysical realities; it can only create limited dualistic understanding. And that is one of the key issues with life today creating separation, isolation and fear. You are so much more than your limited thoughts. What the thinking mind thinks your proving mind goes out to prove.

let go, let god

Lucid dreaming - be a vision quester inspired by the divine light. Go to source and co-create your human existence. If you get the inside right and the outside will fall into place