neuroscience meets spirit

We live in our life in a trance - a scripted, sometime conscious, often unconscious repeating the same old patterns and wondering why we are meeting the same old issues with different faces. Pyschotherapy allows a client to understand their story and resolve it consciously so they understand the why, the where and the how. But for a real shift the key lies in hypnotherapy, getting under the bonnet of your mind, rewiring the patterns that lie subconsciously in the shadows, which regardless of knowing the story will never change unless the default is changed. Think of it like never updating the software of your computer and running on 10yr old software.

How she Rolls

Jane doesn't advertise and many of her clients prefer not to tell anyone about her for fear of her becoming too busy. She likes folk to dream her up. She is as some client's have said: 'a sacred gem who talks to your soul amidst the craziness of urban life'.

'Let my voice go with you....'

The more you get used to Jane's voice, the deeper the process works as the body's innate nervous system learns to trust and open to the process.