High Space

Most people have lurking deep in their psyche one of two crippling beliefs: “I am not enough' or "I am not loveable/wanted" and spend their lives running either preprogrammed desperate to prove themselves with achievements, or seek out relationships that will either confirm they are loveable or prove further that they are not.... whichever of these two or versions in between it leads to a perhaps successful outer life and a hollow inner, add a dollop of judgemental mind saying “I can never change" and there we are - outcomes set in stone.

Years of therapy will help you mentally understand your story but still things may not change at deeper levels because the hardwiring is still left untouched.rewire the nervous system into a place of wholeness It is hard to do this work on ourselves solo as it needs a facilitator to rewire the nervous system into a place of wholeness We are creatures of habit, however addictively negative that might be. If we feel stuck, uncreative, challenged by relationships, stressed, anxious, overly judgmental etc it shows we are out of balance and need some help.

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