The work

Finding the centre of strength within ourselves is, in the long run, the best contribution we can make to ourselves, our partners, loved ones and children. To have boldly gone to those places inside of ourselves that we deny, push off from, run from, that lie in the shadow of our psyches, is to live a life of fullness, happiness, maturity, interdependence, joy and integrity. When people feel threatened and anxious they become more rigid and when in doubt they tend to become dogmatic and lose their own vitality. They use the remnants of traditional values to build a protective encasement and then shrink behind it.

Years of therapy may help you mentally understand your story but things may not change at deeper levels because the hardwiring is left untouched and you stay in your story however addictively negative that might be.

Jane's work brings deep positive lasting change to an individual, to couples and to families. Her methods bring a variety of modalities depending on what is required - it is a creative embodied process which creates an intra-psychic process creating integrated wholeness and embodied living.

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