Jane welcomes clients of any age who feel stuck, confused, struggling to relate to themselves and outwards to others. They might be aware that their external lives, others, their pasts, etc are 'running their shows' and they have lost connection to their deep inner rootedness of what they are about. We may know how to be 'successful' in one area of our lives, but at the cost of other areas, for example.

Together we co-create a safe, confidential, space to explore those patterns that no longer work and creatively and permanently bring forward the parts of the psyche more representative of who we are today not what we were when we were younger with no agency. We also bring in the astrological natal chart to help support the search for those unexpressed areas of our lives and the archetypal energies that can cause conflict in our relationships.

Jane is a Fellow of the Complimentary Medicine Association and Senior Member of the ACCPH (accredited counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists). She is the Founder of the Big Pause retreat centre in Cordoba Spain.

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