you could fly at 40,000 ft.....
evolve or repeat

Jane's teaching

movement medicine

Jane's embodied movement and yoga teaching is still available at The Big Pause, Spain and on Zoom and in the shop here, complimentary - just click on the tapes

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Neuroscience, hypno/psychotherapy + energetics

master yourself/ves

Jane is an extremely successful voice dialogue facilitator, relationship coach and hypnotherapist who understands the importance of integrated medicine body, mind, heart + soul - where neuroscience meets energy. She has a prestigious international + celebrity clientele. She is known for her capacity to listen, her intuitive skill to unpack + heal deep rooted subconscious blockages and reframe a client back on track. Clients praise her for her discretion and confidentiality.

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Dive in

magnetise into the possible

bespoke hypnotherapy, meditation journeys and practices to take you into your deepest relaxing healing theta states where neural pathways can be reframed and expansion can happen.

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The Kitchen

orgasmically nutritional fuel

Jane develops all the mouth-watering, health-generating food menus for her clients on her Big Pause retreats + events. Food is an energetic exchange that can either add to our energy banks or deplete, expand our energetic vibration or make it inert.

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Designing beautiful spaces

There is such a symbiosis + harmony in the world of energy between our inner and our outer worlds that Jane (who originally trained as a designer + artist) with her expertise in energetics has been commissioned in the past to design commercial yoga centres and private residential and commercial spaces. She has been so in demand that two years' ago, Jane officially set up a unique consultancy specialising in designing + creating wellbeing centres, small hotels + luxury homes. Her clients are discerning individuals who desire truly authentic, artisanal light-filled sanctuaries + non-toxic environments using products that reduce harmful EMFs, noise pollution and allergens and Vastu principles of room planning. Jane's team also advises on how to ergonomically design a kitchen to cater for less 'traditional' diets e.g wheat/gluten free, paleo, veganism, etc (and can provide chefs to teach house staff how to serve more 'nutritionally dense menus based on Jane's Big Pause retreat centre in Cordoba, Spain).

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