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To discover and understand the physical causes of cancer, you will first need to let go of the idea that cancer is a disease. You cannot have it both ways. ¦The commonly held belief that cancer is a disease represents a powerful force that nearly every cancer patient is confronted with. Although this belief is based on a misconception of what cancer really is, it nevertheless generates a preoccupation with being healthy, which in turn, further strengthens the belief of disease. Trying to be healthy shows that there exists an imbalance on all levels of body, mind and spirit.

A balanced healthy person doesn’t try to be healthy, he doesn’t even thing about it. Trying to be healthy requires a great deal of effort which is actualy more an obstacle to being healthy than it is helpful. It prevents you from regaining your balance.

Healing is accepting, allowing and supporting, not fighting or resisting. This is how spontaneous remissions occur.

The body uses its maximum healing capacity when it is not preoccupied with a fight or flight response which occurs when you are under stress or feel threatened. As always, there is something to be learnt from every situation, including having cancer. A person’s willingness to face, accept and learn from the issues that cancer brings up turns this dis-ease into a purposeful, potentially uplifting, and sometimes een eurphoric experience.

During hundreds of interviews with cancer survivors over the past 30 years, I found that almost all of them shared one experience. It had caused the most important and positive changes in their lives ever.

In our modern societies, we learn to go more by superficial appearances and less by the rather concealed larger picture of things. It is in the nature of life that for every symptom, an underlying cause exists, yet the cause lies hidden and seems to be unrelated to the symptom. Purely mechanistic approaches to treating the body, as they are applied in the system of allopathic medicine, usually fall short in locating and healing these hidden causes. They will remain undetected unless we begin to view the body as a process that is organised by a superb combination of energy and information or intelligence, rather than as an assembly of different parts such as we would find in a machine.

To treat the body as if it were composed merely of cells and molecules is akin to applying technology straight out of the Middle Ages to our present day world. Modern technologies and computors were derived from the principles of information and energy that came to light through the study of quantum physics; yet with regard to understanding the nature of life and treating the human body, we still rely mostly on old and outdated Newtonian principles. Understanding the way the human body operates becomes relatively easy once we apply the principles of quantum physics.

You as consciousness, soul or spirit, are the only true source of that energy and information that run your body. Your presence in the body and what you do, eat, drink, feel, and think determine how well your genes are able to control and sustain your physical existence. If you (the conscious presence) are no longer present in your body, the energy and information are withdrawn from every cell. We view this to be physical death. ….Seen from a superficial pont of view, you could conclude that death has turned the body into a disoreder heap of useless particles.

Of course, if you had a wider perspective of death, you would be able to see it as the beginning of new life, all the atoms that previously comprised these cells have simply relocated themselves to assemble once again in new forms, such as air, water, soil, plants, fruit, animals or other human beings. Therefore life does not end with death, only the form changes. Besides your consciousness remains unaffected by all this because it is not physical (even if living in a physical body) and cannot be destroyed.

Now if you only partially withdrew your energy and purposeful connectedness from some parts of your body, would those parts not move into disarray and chaotic behaviour? This is what medicine calls disease, meaning, you are no longer in ease or alignment with the orderly fashion in which the body normally operates.

Cancer only strikes when a part or parts of us are not alive anymore, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Cancer can resurrect those numbed, supressed, or congested areas, whether they are physical or non-phyical in nature..

We may gradually become aware how afraid or negligent we are of a particular body part, the body as a whole, our future or our past, nature, food, other people, the future of our planet, or other issues.

Suddenly we may begin to realise how deeply we have harboured intense negative emotions towards others or ourselves, or we may notice why we have allowed certain foods, beverages, or drugs such as painkillers, steroids, and antibiotics to contaminate and congest our beautiful body.

Cancer is a wake-up call, prompting us to take our life back when it no longer feels meaningful. The alarm bell that sounds to wake us up rings painfully loud, which is good because we are more likely to respond to physical than emotional signs.

The ‘disease’cancer occurs only where channels or ducts of circulation and elimination have been consistently blocked for a long time: physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

- Andreas Moritz - Cancer is not a disease


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