Cultivating our inner tribe

Emmmmbodied practice click link below - this is for March (i'll add a new indepth practic per month) and is a practice to get us to go you develop this going inwards you will find new spaces and symbols come forward for you....but take your time...don't rush the process.

Every month wounded women come work with me suffering from biased and distorted self-images, a lack of confidence and a doubting of their intuitive wisdom.  At times they can feel despair, loneliness, isolation, fear of abandonment, rejection, rage and caged in their own toxic dance.  They have lost connection or have never connected to their inner tribe of metaphor, dreams and symbolism.  Symbols are a fundamental way in which the mind knows and understands reality by taking us to the universal structures of human existence. Symbolic knowing distinguishes the manifest, the concretised world (on the surface) meaning from its latent, numinous, ethereal (hidden, revealed) content both ways of being in the world are so important and valid and without the anchor of an inner world that is where depression, isolation, fear starts to take hold.  You are never alone with a rich inner world.  And the more you listen to, honour, respect and hone these inward bound skills the more they will show themselves to you.

This is important as it develops creativity, expands consciousness, moves us out of ego-centric living into a wider, more collaborative and more powerful Jupiterian energetic.  The universe and everything in it is made up of a subtle set of energies which I call the 'organising intelligence' when we are in flow with those metaphysical principles we feel at flow, in our purpose in all we are doing in our lives too.

But making time for our inner world is key, especially for the feminine energetic to be re-kindled and that's where all the dreamtime needs to impregnate and marinade.  Our vibrant magic comes from our inner world so let's keep our magic boosted this month with in-bodied practices so we stay grounded and strong to bring our craft into tangible being. I've attached a simple and short embodied practice to lie back and luxuriate in - you may hear our cat snoring as she let go deeply into the practice ;) Go to sleep with it when you need to step out of the concretised dance and use it to refuel your vagus nerve and adrenal pushing.

Given symbolism so important i've been studying the archetypes of the planetary system - it's amazing how our shadow dance occurs here too.  So let's take each other by the hand and step into the world of the stars and planets and walk around the cosmos to see what play they are at this month of March - we can call on them too to help us on our paths.

March 7 sees slow steady disciplined Saturnine energy rolling into watery fluid Pisces  and at first it will feel like trying to get a toddler and their invisible friend into bed so they'll wake up in the morning well rested.   We yearn to stay in the numinous watery play of the world of the dreamtime, but we're being asked to bring that dream down to earth and make a tangible shape because the world is desperate for this magic right now.

And it's all good because Saturn is a sturdy fatherly chap: he likes to ground and feel the earth under feet with discipline, structure and commitment - no bells and whistles or flights of fantasy.  Instead now's the time for quiet, steady, confirmation that things are moving in a progressive, steady, concretised building, direction - make it happen!  He has been schmoozing for the last two plus years with Aquarius, the water bearer, an air sign, which is a natural resting place for him;  he feels at home here hanging out having a fresh brewed coffee, intellectually chewing the cud with one of his best buddies, served by the local barista.

With his stomp into fluid watery Pisces, it's all about deep diving to anchor projects.  Saturn provides the vessel for holding space and getting stuff done. Pisces likes to get his scuba gear on and  dive baby dive for no other reason other than the sheer ethereal feel of it. Right now day dreaming things into existence is what the magic is all about - Fantasy, stays just that, in flight and too mercurial.

Pisces is a mutable water sign, Saturn brings the concrete mix, the flour for the cake that the liquid eggs are added to.  This recipe creates something real and tangible in the world.  The two will work well together in March, it will feel fluid, elastic like crafting focaccia dough or the slip of's all about making vessels to contain the magical energy that is floating in the ether waves - just don't be too fixated in trying to control the outcome or nailing a perceived shape.  Once it's on and of the earth it will do its thing. Instead, trust and you may find something may appear much more magical than you ever could imagine possible from your head.  Surrender to the process of creation...Rome wasn't built in a day and nor would you want your project to be.
The other key movement in the numinous airwaves will be March 23rd when Pluto dips his feet into Aquarius until 11 June for a brief torrid fling before returning again in 2024 for a longer staycation.

Pluto is a transformer, a revolutionary power and a bit of a wild card that lies deep in everything - he is attracted to the dark underworld, the subconscious, the underbelly of the emotional body: whether we like it or not, whether we seek change or not - 'times are a'changing' to quote Bob Dylan and you'd be foolish to resist this momentum.   We grow, we stretch, we die, we decay and from that fertile soil comes the seeds of new cultures and habits.  Aquarius is the sign of progress, rebellion and revolutionary lofty ideals. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was during a period of massive change all over the world so watch for revolutionary ideas influencing social organisations.

In the Cosmos, Pluto is the most distant planet from the Earth and with that it holds the pendulum polarity swinging between birth and death, heralding what has been and what will be whether you are ready or not.  Pluto rules over cycles, those ending, those beginning  and the alchemical reaction of turning base metal into gold, but if you resist change and want to hold to a certain 'known' ready...the tsunami is coming and it's exhausting energetically to hold onto fixed old notions.  If your foundations are weak they'll be swept away so you can build better, stronger ones.  The shadow sides of our psyches are up for grabs for the spotlight of truth to be shone on right now, you are not the same age or person you were when those parts of you were thrown into the shade.  Now you have your own agency so trust and get out of your head into your body and flow with the tide.  What is ready to open and ripen in the new spring sun will want to come out ready or not and you'll only be more whole by the movement of that so what's not to love?

Having the planet of power and change in the free-thinking and inquisitive sign of Aquarius makes for a potent powerhouse.  We cannot get where we want to go if negative energy is holding our ankles and wrists.   Instead own the flaws we see in ourselves and our fellow earth travellers around us and let's all commit to release them and allow new positive energetics to be birthed based on whom we are now, today, not what we were then.  Trauma is a buzz word going around the healing community making folk feel you have to spend months ruminating in it to heal it - you don't - it's your leverage - your superpower to blast you forward into life and get you connecting NOW,  get you doing NOW, trusting in yourself NOW! Coming back into the deep ground of your body NOW. Because NOW, this moment is the safest most trusted place to be.  Governments and institutions need to come together to find common ground, to collaborate, to understand and empathise with, whether that's the government departments of your body, mind, heart, spirit and soul or external governments in the world right now....we need a new song for March....crank up some Sister Sledge and get kitchen dancing with your new of your inner world will save the day:

"No (we), we don't get depressed
'Cause here's what we call our golden rule
Have faith in you and the things you do
You won't go wrong, oh no
This is our family jewel
We are family
Hey, hey, hey, hey, yeah
I got all my sisters with me
Woah, ah, woah, ah, ah

(C) Jane Kersel


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We are at any one time a mostly unconscious ecosystem of variable energetics and changing internal climates.  My consultation room gives space for the expression, sometimes incarnation, often letting go with kindness and thanks to those energetics that have previously been driving us or are waiting to be birthed.  Hindu spirituality talks of the true self or the higher self but to be honest there is no hierarchy - we are all colonies of self, selves and disparate forgotten parts that need re-membering literally back to our greater wholeness.


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Some Information about Jane

Jane Kersel is recognised as one of the most distinguished  embodied movement, yoga and consciousness teacher in London. She is a teacher’s teacher and was a much loved teacher at The Life Centre, Yoga Campus, The Bio-medical Trust + Triyoga (where she trail-blazed and invented their Hot yoga offering and the design of their studios).  Now she works in her new vessel the Ethereal Gym teaching consciousness through the visceral body and private one to one  and couples consultations sharing jungian analysis techniques and healing modalities.

My Philosophy and intention for all who study with me

  • to see life as a spiritual investment as much a material one - invest in love, harmony, inspiration, creativity, beauty
  • to commit to our own happiness - not waiting for someone else to sort things for us
  • to create rapture - channeling venus energy - to live as the dream of the lover and mystic
  • to let go of the patriarchal model and ask for the dream


At that moment, the door to my studio opened as if a gust of wind had gotten behind it (this so often happens when working with spirit).

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