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(The client: female, late 40's, single, last relationship she had was 8 years' ago with a married man.  She was at a crux in her life, she wanted a new partner but was unsure where she wanted to live and what she wanted to do with her life.  She was moving to another town soon but not sure when, she knew it needed to be by the sea because she feels alive when she lives by the sea.  Her father features a lot in her work with me, she has developed a strong patriarchal energy that criticises her for her lack of 'good' male partners, for bringing in narcissistic men - this energy blames her for not being 'enough' in many guises - not pretty enough, not thin enough, not bright enough, etc.  It thinks she should be perfect, not show her feelings, keep strong, solid (in many ways masculine in energy).  Her dreams below show how she is softening into the feminine intuitive, being state and starting to come home to herself in a very beautiful way).

"I dream there is the potential of a new man in my life, someone I don't know but I feel their energy/can see them in my dream, then just as I am coming into contact with this new man, my previous lover walks into the dream as if to interrupt what I am discussing with this new man.  I am annoyed that he has entered into the dialogue (this relates to the image I saw Jane, when you asked me where he was in my golden circle and I said in the very dark grey out on the periphery but maybe in my subconscious  I am aware that he would still like to be a part of my life as a close friend regardless of who I am connected to or maybe I am a little scared to let him go fully without having someone else in my life?"

(A few months' later)" I dream I am on holiday and there's a man I don't know that I am very energetically attracted to (nothing to do with his looks but I am very aware of this energy and the sensuous nature of him).  He's dark and foreign looking in feel and it's as if we would touch souls rather than speak to communicate.  He's unattached.  He and I are entwined in a rapturous hug. We are dancing, swirling, softly undulating in a beautiful rhythm.  I am naked.  It's strange because he has come into he room carrying a very tall and thin tower of lego bricks all multi-coloured.  As he hugs me we are both very careful not to let the tower break between us because it's so beautiful. At the same time I become aware of my brother appearing to be on holiday with my group and is staying in another part of the hotel.  My past lover is not in this dream...yay feels like progress......"


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'Please hold me during this time.  My transition, my awakening is precious and sacred. Please move me slowly and lovingly into newness and allow me to stretch my wings and feel into new spaces within me without judgment or fear.'