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(client in her late 30’s wanting to have a baby. She is a lawyer doing a very high powered job. Her partner and her were trying for a baby for 2 years and had done 1 round of IVF with no success.)

When a woman can’t conceive it could be for many reasons so it’s useful to get all the checks done first to see if there’s anytihng physiological that could be stopping the sperm and egg igniting.

My client came to me because there was no ‘apparent’ medical reason for why she wasn’t pregnant yet. Usually, we start our work together by laying out the map and landscape of the person from brith to where they find themselves today. It gives both me and my client a space to note or intuit anything perhaps left ‘unsaid’.

In this particular story the client never mentioned her mother, she was there in her family but was very much in the background as a supportive, loving. quiet energy who was often ignored by her husband and never valued for the love and gentle support she brought to the family as a whole. My client was the eldest of 3 girls, the apple of her father’s eye, one could say the ‘son’ he never had. They spent a lot of time together in her youth, he would teach her fishing, hunting, golf (those things perhaps thought of as for ‘men’ a generation ago).

Through our work together we met very strong ‘mind’ energetics in her which in my work are often ‘masucline’ in energy ie. dynamic, logical, pragmatic, achieveing, goal-oreintated. Great energies to have to get you high up in career that was at that time very male-dominated. Her strongest ‘muscles’ in her psyche were these analysing, doing, active, achieveing energetics and when we went to unravel the polarity (the shadow) of these strong muscles ie. the being, feeling, intuitive, more present time energetics within her psyche she noticed how hard it was for her to connect to them. Literally she said “I’m scared to go there into feeling incase I don’t come back and then I won’t be able to function in my job,”

It’s important in our work together that we never over-ride these ‘primary’ parts - the parts of us that are out there in the world functioning and getting things done. However, without the understanding and integration of both of these polarities - the doing with the being, the feeling with the thinking etc. it can be incredibly hard to create a baby because the nature of making a baby requires time, space, feeling deeply, softening. Getting pregnant/giving birth is not something you can just cram into a diary like any other social event. In one of our sessions it was very beautiful to have her trust enough in the work and process with me to connect to her deepest vulnerabilty.

It came up in a most remarkable way. Literally the part of her that was dynamic, goal-orientated, a strong patriarch (as in an inner patriarch doesn’t particularly value women for more than keeping a home) stood up one day and said “Look there’s no way we have worked our balls off to get her to the position we are today only to have her stop and have a baby and get her head all mushed up with emotions and touchy-feely stuff!” Bham! The subconscious had spoken, the beliefs of those energetics inside of her that were limiting her life and keeping it all career based had spoken their truth out loud.

The session followed with my client having a very poignant dream: “I’m at my age now and I am in a beautiful garden. My father (who died 5 years’ ago) is there in the garden with me looking frail and old. He asks me to take a seat and to hold out my hands. He gives me a black bird with a broken wing and says he’s been trying to fix the bird for a long time but it won’t fly. I look down at the exhausted bird and I feel its heart trembling. I hold it close to my own heart and I feel love pouring from my heart down through my hands. Suddenly the bird starts to move and opens its wings wide and takes flight. I wake up feeling freer than I have ever felt in my entire life.”

A few weeks’ later my client announced she was pregnant.


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We are at any one time a mostly unconscious ecosystem of variable energetics and changing internal climates.  My consultation room gives space for the expression, sometimes incarnation, often letting go with kindness and thanks to those energetics that have previously been driving us or are waiting to be birthed.  Hindu spirituality talks of the true self or the higher self but to be honest there is no hierarchy - we are all colonies of self, selves and disparate forgotten parts that need re-membering literally back to our greater wholeness.


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Time to rewire and rev up your inner witch

Women who dream of flying are connecting back to their innate desire to be free and connected to their birthright of the numinous.  Supernatural flying women date back from prehistoric times when people postulated the radical divide between earth and sky. We created myths and rituals to bridge this separation, incense and fire to create smoke to connect the earth to the heavens and evoke spirit. Women have always flown to take refuge from the concretised captivity of earth's gravity and the mental plane that, when overly lived in, constrains and constricts.


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Cultivating our inner tribe

Governments and institutions need to come together to find common ground, to collaborate, to understand and empathise with, whether that's the government departments of your body, mind, heart, spirit and soul or external governments in the world right now....we need a new song for March....crank up some Sister Sledge and get kitchen dancing with your  of your inner world will save the day:

Learn + enjoy the process of becoming

'Please hold me during this time.  My transition, my awakening is precious and sacred. Please move me slowly and lovingly into newness and allow me to stretch my wings and feel into new spaces within me without judgment or fear.'

The Good, the Bad, and the Wild

A client came to me saying she had a dream where her best friend was flirting with her boyfriend in a very provocative way and as she watched the scene unfold she felt strangely voyeuristic to it and turned on. And the more her man was turned on the greater she felt it amplified in her too.  We talked about her own sex life, what she liked/didn't, whether she initiated, role played etc.  

Couples Work

But the discord is where the magic is, it’s where the friction is saying ‘notice this’, ‘deal with this’ ‘bring it to the forefront for your combined and individual growth.

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Some Information about Jane

Jane Kersel is recognised as one of the most distinguished  embodied movement, yoga and consciousness teacher in London. She is a teacher’s teacher and was a much loved teacher at The Life Centre, Yoga Campus, The Bio-medical Trust + Triyoga (where she trail-blazed and invented their Hot yoga offering and the design of their studios).  Now she works in her new vessel the Ethereal Gym teaching consciousness through the visceral body and private one to one  and couples consultations sharing jungian analysis techniques and healing modalities.

My Philosophy and intention for all who study with me

  • to see life as a spiritual investment as much a material one - invest in love, harmony, inspiration, creativity, beauty
  • to commit to our own happiness - not waiting for someone else to sort things for us
  • to create rapture - channeling venus energy - to live as the dream of the lover and mystic
  • to let go of the patriarchal model and ask for the dream


At that moment, the door to my studio opened as if a gust of wind had gotten behind it (this so often happens when working with spirit).

We both smiled, it was as if her lover had walked into the room there and then, his energy had arrived.


In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions.....

The way to do is to be

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A useful perspective

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creating inner space

To observe and do shadow work, we need the experience of being centered in a higher self. That is why our spiritual practice is so pivotal. Without space inside our minds to observe forbidden feelings and behaviors, they take over. When they do, we feel controlled and overshadowed by them.

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Getting to know our shadow

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