My Philosophy and intention for all who study with me

“I am proposing that we re-conceive the dream. That we consider what would happen if security were not the point of our existence. That we find freedom, aliveness and power not from what contains, locates or protects us but from what dissolves, reveals and expands us.”  - Eve Ensler

The embodiment of my philosophy and my hope for all who study with me is as follows (bullet points for ease):

  • we learn to soften our energy rather than controlling, judging….to learn to vibrate in deeper stillness - a tantric holding of power - who woud you be if you had nothing to prove?
  • to see life as a spiritual investment as much a material one - invest in love, harmony, inspiration, creativity, beauty
  • to commit to our own happiness - not waiting for someone else to sort things for us
  • to create rapture - channeling venus energy - to live as the dream of the lover and mystic
  • to let go of the patriarchal model and ask for the dream
  • to be at peace with the old fractures and wounds and in rapturous silence take off all the masks we wear and to learn to swim in the formless, ever changing state of reality
  • when we are inhabiting the softness of our bodies, we are home, deep in the landscape of the heart and out of the ice palaces of our minds, from here we can soften and learn to live from a grounded moment by moment reality
  • a playful healing realm that creates a powerful inner strength and graceful flowing moving in the world without clinging
  • learning to define our breath, stretch into all we are becoming, find the sacredness in each movement and resonate at a high level of being
  • magic evoking, a high vibrational state of awareness, inviting us to move in the world from a radical spirit of adventure, integrating the play and the dance between all the noble and at times fearful and confused selves so we become whole, not fractured, beautifully self-governed and inttuitively driven.
  • a philosophy of practices that speak louder than words and are often beyond words that dive deeply intot he subconscious waters where something profoundly positively long-lasting and other worldly is created.
  • to feel the passion and fire for life at every step
  • live life saturated with the absolute - suppressing and fearing nothing because we’ve looked it in the eye and it holds no power over us.
  • live life at the highest state of mind, body, soul, alive to the senses, meeting the world through sensuous feeling, tenderness
  • live at the highest state of mind, body and soul, alive to the senses, meeting the world through sensuous feeling, tenderness and beauty
  • to relate deeply and lovingly as a state of our deepest being
  • to feel the energy in each moment
  • to move towards the heart that defends, closes and protects and invtie it to open wider
  • to feel the contraction and lean into it and release it as we dive into the unknown void of possibility
  • to see life through the eyes of our souls as magical fun passionate wizardry enthused with every ounce of the the estatic
  • where every miracle is just a shift of perception
  • to park the negativity of the conscious mind and hunt for the blue pearl self
  • to enter the trance, divinely intuitive bliss and see everything from that radiance empowered from the light
  • to exhale into the light connected with the feminine intuitive pulse
  • to enter a healing realm of radical self acceptance
  • to hold high space, to catch ourselves when we fall and reframe with grace
  • to connect with the parts that need to be addressed and met
  • a place where miracles unfold
  • to weave magic, to live and nuture nature with right minds, right hearts, right action
  • anchor ourselves on the exquisite golden path and return with greater faith
  • to leave the moment feeling pure, untainted by commentary or arrogant grasping to control and own
  • accept what comes not in a passive way - instead to use it as spritiual rocket fuel for self-directed change
  • to move beyond the mind that defends, attacks, and differentiates and find instead the mind that unites, communes and creates uniqueness over out-moded convention
  • to deepen awareness and presence, to truly feel the gift and beauty of our lives even in the darkest hour
  • to cultivate a deeply loving and nuturing relationship to the energy housed in our bodies
  • to move our bodies with awareness and respect - weaving strength, tendereness and grace not striving or foce
  • to fully feel the entire field of sensory vibration and feelings pulsing through us regardless of their hue
  • to practice silent listening through all of the senses and cultivate deep stillness
  • to walk in both worlds - the sacred and the profane and heal the rift between confusion and delusio
  • to feel the grip, to breathe into it, palms wide open and trust to the dance
  • to become an inner peace warrior and settle our own inner world without lashing outwards or judging another’s first
  • to be creative, find wonder in the mundane and become less predictable to our partners, our children, our cats, our dogs, our horses
  • to recognise that time, life, love and energy moves through our hands like water so respect them wisely
  • to lead by example- we are all beginners on our own exquisite paths - rediscover paly - to be as light as a child, not taking life/ourselves too seriously
  • to recognise that fear brings a crisis of faith - choose light over fear - and whenvever you drop to a place of rigidity and narrow thinking wondering if you’re doing the right thing - know this is not the right place for you - release to the light and ask to be redirected back to your highest self
  • to realise the that quest for perfectionism is a mental negative state - tap into the godstate - the golden self within - redirect your energy back to love and beauty and seek completeness instead
  • when facing challenges to breath in the light “this is not about me” and take the load off, go into the flow, be less hard-working to find the answer - instead find the visionary in you - stop asking “How?” and instead surrender and say ‘yes’
  • to be a good lover to yourself - to turn the volume down of the inner critic and find unconditional self love
  • to be more flippant with yourself, less serious, less vigilant - come into absolute splendour like the sun - the empress, the rose, make your contribution and shine shine shine
  • to be magnificent
  • to be in full light, full power, to be a star, grateful, divinely feminine entitled
  • to shake off the primal wound - to lay the baggage down and find quantum forgiveness
  • to move from the heart, be open in a radical spirit of adventure
  • to come from your heart and soul rather than logic
  • to be in an energy of spontaneity, play and trust
  • to throw your body down on your mat like an angel - to open your arms and take that leap of faith off the golden cliff - trust - believe - the fun of the adventure
  • to know that you leant that the ‘real’ is unreal - the ‘unreal’ real - the ego doesn’t speak the truth - it has its own version based on projection/fear/the past and control - so surrender to perceptions, thoughts and emotions - “i release this into the light” and allow the underlying faith to shine through
  • to seek the truth - ‘in loving myself …how do i choose to look at that statement”
  • to trust into the gossamer safety net - take a leap of faith - live out your dreams unabashedly - be the high flying trapeze artist - don’t look down
  • to live in bliss, spontaneous and in a sense of play
  • to hold high space when everything else falls apart
  • to know that the practices bring you to a place of peace and security where miracles unfold

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - Henry Miller

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We are at any one time a mostly unconscious ecosystem of variable energetics and changing internal climates.  My consultation room gives space for the expression, sometimes incarnation, often letting go with kindness and thanks to those energetics that have previously been driving us or are waiting to be birthed.  Hindu spirituality talks of the true self or the higher self but to be honest there is no hierarchy - we are all colonies of self, selves and disparate forgotten parts that need re-membering literally back to our greater wholeness.


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Women who dream of flying are connecting back to their innate desire to be free and connected to their birthright of the numinous.  Supernatural flying women date back from prehistoric times when people postulated the radical divide between earth and sky. We created myths and rituals to bridge this separation, incense and fire to create smoke to connect the earth to the heavens and evoke spirit. Women have always flown to take refuge from the concretised captivity of earth's gravity and the mental plane that, when overly lived in, constrains and constricts.


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'Please hold me during this time.  My transition, my awakening is precious and sacred. Please move me slowly and lovingly into newness and allow me to stretch my wings and feel into new spaces within me without judgment or fear.'

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Some Information about Jane

Jane Kersel is recognised as one of the most distinguished  embodied movement, yoga and consciousness teacher in London. She is a teacher’s teacher and was a much loved teacher at The Life Centre, Yoga Campus, The Bio-medical Trust + Triyoga (where she trail-blazed and invented their Hot yoga offering and the design of their studios).  Now she works in her new vessel the Ethereal Gym teaching consciousness through the visceral body and private one to one  and couples consultations sharing jungian analysis techniques and healing modalities.


At that moment, the door to my studio opened as if a gust of wind had gotten behind it (this so often happens when working with spirit).

We both smiled, it was as if her lover had walked into the room there and then, his energy had arrived.


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