Essence + matter

Join me in the dance of life

This Journal is a section of my + other's writing, philosophy + work with clients over the past 10 years (changed enough + with their permission, so it would be impossible to identify the client) and our swimming together in the formless depths, yet richly symbolic + healing world of the subconscious. 

We work in a language in my work + in this Journal that our sweet world these days prefers to talk less in, yet which is vital for the human heart, an illuminated mind + a radiant soul: the senses, metaphor, symbolism, dreamwork, daydreams, visions, journeying, intuition, embodied movement + our feelings.  This is our true home, it's where we unfold our creativity, integrate all our 'lost' selves, reconnect back to our spirit, our passion, purpose + drive.  

This beautiful + at times, painful, 3D world may be where we have been educated to build + count our material assets and that has value + some basic sense of security + power in a world that is at its nature chaotic + wild and where we as individuals strive and grip to feel some sense of 'power' over it.  

But the real 'gold' ironically we come to understand was never in those vaults or bricks and if whilst we build such, we lose our marriages, our friends, our connection to our children, our purpose, + indeed our way, then what we have lying in our hands and all around us was a striving for a 'fools gold'.

Our true wealth, our true 'gold' is an energetic that money cannot buy.  Equally it can't be seen tangibly but we can feel its power + magnitude when we feel the light of another's inner gold radiated towards us  or we take the time to 'tune-in' and reconnect back to our own. It's an energy that lives in human hearts (sometimes for some without the work, forever dormant), in the passion of our souls in all their radiance when lit up from within + in a mother or father's love-filled eyes for their child.  If you want to follow something truly noble +  beyond its 'weight in gold' then close your eyes, let my voice go with you and turn inwards to where all your riches lie.

It takes an elegant mindset, one with a broader expanded vision beyond the limits of the seen/known, to journey beyond our limited Beta logical waves + to understand that we can only ever experience in this 3D tangible what-you-see-is-what-you-get life, what we truly deeply believe in the depths of our subconscious worlds. If we never get to the crux of the matter, to the truth that lies within those depths, then we will forever be at the ebb and flow of life.

As we begin to strip back through all the layers of social conditioning, beliefs, values + our thoughts, we start to see we are not all that we appear to be; we are not our job titles, our names; we are not the projections of another; the sum total of our assets; we are not a fixed point on a line; there are no straight lines; no one way; no one God; no black/white; no right/wrong way to do this life.

As a client once said to me after a session: "I entered another universe, shifted into a new dimension in which there were no boundaries; everything was energy and I was just a particle riding the universal wave and in that moment I realised I could release the grip and control I was trying to force my life + my relationships to be in.  For the first time in a long time I feel free.  Thank you." 

"Each of us comes into the world 100 percent intuitive; it's just a matter of reclaiming your birthright. To do that you need to get out of your own way, to strip away the things that are blocking, distracting, diffusing, suppressing, and depressing the natural dance of your intuition. . . .To fully realize our intuitive abilities we need to be instinctive, intimate, imaginative, integral, and inspired. Each of these energies is a facet of intuition, our connection to the divine force that moves all things. The problem happens when we stop trusting its supreme intelligence, when we allow our intuition to be overwhelmed and diminished by the loud, reactive, defensive voices of the ego. The ego is all about self-importance. Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan calls it a "foreign installation." It has nothing to do with who we really are, where we are going, or how we will get there. . . .If intuition is our super hero, our inner Batman, the ego is our inner Joker, constantly scheming our demise and creating roadblocks that prevent us from fulfilling our destiny. To liberate our intuition, we must outsmart our ego." - Gabrielle Roth - Connections





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The Ethereal Gym opens its ZoooooomieZoomZoom doors on Wednesday, February 2nd at 6pm (GMT) - it is a class of metamorphosis, magical realism and metaphysics.  Each week we will focus and play in our own internal journey with the mentoring of the major arcana tarot archetypes designed by Niki De Saint Phalle from The Fool - 0 - beginners mind, the new, travelling light to The World - 21 - fulfilment - completion - wholeness.